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What Does a Trust Lawyer Do?

Posted by Justin M. Guenley | May 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

Are you looking for an attorney that will help you set up a trust?

A trust or estate planning attorney is a professional who has a comprehensive background in creating the necessary paperwork in setting up a living trust in Houston for your property. 

A will is a go-to solution for many. While it is helpful, it can be a headache. When you die, your loved ones will undergo the probate process, a court-supervised proceedingto distribute your assets. The probate process take months from the date of your death. It depends on numerous factors, including the number of your heirs, the size of your property, contested issues of your will, and debts/taxes to pay. 

But hiring a trust lawyer can avoid that inconvenience. Although the service may require extra cost, it is worth it. 

Another reason to set up a trust is to lower estatetaxes. This can help your loved ones receive more of what you want to leave them. 

While creating a trust is common for people with large estates, that does not mean you should not consider it if youhave a smaller estate. It is more helpful and convenient than you imagine. 

Now, what does a trust lawyer do specifically?

Create and Administer the Trust

You perhaps started doing your homework on setting up a trust. It is complicated, without a doubt. Although much detailed information is available online, there is always something you will not easily understand, and only an expert can assist you from start to finish.

It is also possible to write your own trust. But you may end up disappointed with the result, leading to more troubles. Leave it to a capable and sought-after legal professional for your peace of mind. 

Once you have chosen a trust attorney, he or she will handle every step of your trust administration. The specialist will manage your entire trust estate. This includes evaluating your property values, reconciling outstanding bills, reporting gains/losses, and filing taxes while staying compliant with state and federal laws. If there are contests to the trust, this person also has litigation duties. What's more, a trust lawyer can help notify your beneficiaries, government agencies, and other private companies when you die. Usually, these include the Veterans Affairs, credit card companies, mortgage companies, insurance companies, the Department of Health, or even Social Security Administration. 

Draft a Plan for Your Properties Protection and Distribution 

This legal professional is also responsible for drafting a plan to protect and distribute a trustor's property after his death. 

Since clients are different, a trust attorney strives to make a plan based on the client's unique needs and requirements. The plan is usually based on a person's financial and economic circumstances.

Do not be surprised when a lawyer asks you multiple questions during your actual appointment. 

Work on Some Documents 

After gathering necessary information, a trust lawyer will then focus on drafting documents, including the last will & testament and living trust. 

How about a living will? A trust attorney can also help in the preparation of a living will.

A living will (or physician's directive) is a document written to specify a client's intention about the care and medical procedure they need to receive, especially during incapacity.

Choosing a Trust Lawyer 

The number of people specializing in trusts has increased over the years. While it can be an advantage to clients, it can be challenging to narrow down, particularly when you do not know what to do. 

Here are some pointers that will help you select a reputable trust attorney: 

A Proven Track Record of Success 

You want a trust lawyer that has a proven track record. 

However, the services may be costly. But you can be sure your trust arrangement will meet your requirements. 

If you do not want any hassle and are willing to spend more, you can never go wrong with an experienced trust lawyer. 

Have Attention to Details 

It is disappointing and expensive to hire a legal counsel that takes any shortcut. If you have hired a lawyer before without attention to detail, you perhaps have searched for another attorney, resulting in more expenses. Now you are looking for a trust lawyer, choose the one that considers every aspect of your arrangement. 

If you already have some choices in mind, do not forget to compare the services. Read reviews online, visit their social media accounts, and ask some of their past clients. 

Yes, looking for a trust lawyer is tedious. But your efforts will not go to waste. You can also contact your friends for some referrals to save your time. 

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