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What Are You Agreeing to When You Sign a Subcontract?

Posted by Justin M. Guenley | Jun 05, 2021 | 0 Comments

You are a skilled worker, and a contractor hires you for a big project. Before the job starts, the latter presents a subcontract you need to read, understand, and sign. 

With much information presented in the agreement, watch out for the scope of work, supply chain, indemnification, insurance, liens, bonds, warranty, arbitration provisions, and conditional payments. 

But for your safety and peace of mind, it is ideal to seek the expert assistance of a contract attorney in Houston. 

Subcontracts can cover complicated details that not everyone can comprehend and interpret. A contract attorney will explain every important detail in the agreement. This professional will not miss anything crucial to avoid any conflict in the future.

Why Should You Hire a Contract Attorney Houston

Some hire a contract lawyer while others do not. What are you going to do? Here, we gather a few reasons you should consider working with a contract attorney before signing an agreement. 

Help You Understand the Subcontract 

Many say that you have to read through every term and condition in a subcontract before signing. 

That's a good idea. But be prepared as there are legal terms beyond your level of understanding. 

While it is possible to ask the contractor, it is smarter to consult an attorney. A contract lawyer has the experience and knowledge to break down every provision in the agreement and translate it into what you can clearly understand, avoiding any guesswork. And a contractor is going to protect the contractor's interests.

Spot Liability Issues

Everyone makes mistakes. That is normal. But it would not be good in a subcontract as it can either impact the contractor or subcontractor. 

Before the project begins, let a contract lawyer examine the agreement. If there are liability issues, you can discuss them with your contractor ahead of time. 

Make Sure the State Laws and New Regulations are Taken Into Consideration

Contracts are downloadable online. But let us be honest. These templates are outdated and might not be applicable to your situation. They may not consider existing state laws and regulations. 

On the other hand, a contract attorney is different. This professional is always up-to-date with new case law and legislative changes. Also, a capable and licensed lawyer knows how to discuss state laws in a manner that clients understand.

For contractors who plan to hire subcontractors, a downloadable agreement online is not recommended. Entrust the job to someone who knows the existing regulations in the place you live to avoid any legal problem in the future.

Help You Cut Costs and Avoid Other Unnecessary Expenses 

You are probably afraid to hire a contract lawyer because of the cost. But the truth is that this legal counsel can help you cut costs and avoid other unexpected expenses down the road. 

If you want to avoid any guesswork, an attorney can meet and exceed your needs. 

You can also find other contract lawyers that provide individualized services that will not cost a fortune. With careful research and patience, anything is possible. 

How to Choose a Trustworthy Contract Attorney Houston 

You perhaps have done your homework. Maybe, you already have a list of contract attorneys. But you are confused about who to choose and work with. Here are some factors you can consider: 

Wide and Proven Experience 

A contract attorney with wide experience will never leave you confused throughout the process. This person will explain every legal condition in the contract thoroughly, helping you make a quick decision. 

Quality Legal Services 

It is always enticing to take advantage of legal services that are available at the cheapest rate. But pause and think. Are they of good quality and compliant with the existing laws? High-quality legal service should be your top priority. 

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing with Subcontracts 

There are different mistakes that we always commit when handling subcontracts. Some of them are highlighted below: 

Copying a Contract Online 

Everything is available online. In fact, you can even find a downloadable and editable contract. Needless to say, many copy and paste a contract they find over the internet to save their time and meet the deadline. While some can be safe and reliable, the risk of copying outdated contracts is high. It is an excellent idea to always depend on a professional. 

Failing to Read and Understand a Contract

We know you have many responsibilities to deal with every day. But reading a contract is worth your time and effort. If you find terms beyond your knowledge, you can search online for further details. However, the explanation from a licensed attorney is more accurate and concise. 

Failing to Discuss Terms and Conditions You Do Not Like 

Why would you sign a subcontract that does not consider your interests? Remember that you have the leeway and right to negotiate the terms you want. You can work with a contract attorney to make sure your right is never violated.  Look for a contract attorney in Houston today!

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