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Law Office of Justin Guenley, PLLC has a team of qualified, skilled, and experienced support staff. We have a reputation for dedicating ourselves to deliver the highest standards of ethical and legal services that meet our client's expectations.

The entire team at the Law Office of Justin Guenley, PLLC, steadfastly contributes to the betterment of society by being involved with various interest groups. We do provide pro bono services to local charities.

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We understand that life happens. But if you neglect your tax burdens, hiding your head in the sand won't make them go away. We can intervene. Our legal/taxation knowledge, and expert perspectives, empower us to assist you in legal matters. Our law office is dedicated to helping resolve business and tax issues. Whether dealing with commercial contracts, IRS issues, business acquisitions, or international tax issues, our law office provides the highest level of service and expertise to your case.

We are not just any law firm. We believe you will appreciate us after seeing our results.

The Law Office of Justin Guenley, PLLC is also an important resource for clients' future estate planning, to help protect wealth and assets for the next generation. Our law office draws on a wealth of experience in multiple areas of U.S. federal taxation, including offshore foreign account disclosures/OVDI, tax controversies, and advising on transactions. We help clients with negotiating real estate contracts and then advising on taxes related to real estate.

Justin M. Guenley, Esq. is admitted to practice in Texas, the Southern District of Texas, and the United States Tax Court.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Kansas and his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University in Houston, where he served on the Editorial Board of the Thurgood Marshall Law Review.

Attorney Guenley graduated Summa Cum Laude and had the honor of serving as an intern in the chambers of United States Senior District Judge Kenneth Hoyt of the Southern District of Texas.

He pursued his interests in Estate Planning, Probate, and Wills and Trusts by working as a student attorney in the Thurgood Marshall Wills, Probate, and Guardianship Clinic, which serves traditionally underrepresented clients in the Houston area.

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We are not just any law firm. We believe you will appreciate us after seeing our results.


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